BuckMaxx Urinator Doe Urine (20oz)

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BuckMaxx Buck Lure for whitetail deer hunting is a high quality non diluted doe pee that has a powerful deer scent that a buck just cannot resist. Use this doe urine for hunting to mask your scent and lure bucks to the area. Bring that trophy buck you have been chasing in for the hunt!! Our deer scent is certified CWD free.

WORKS FAST - Our doe urine for hunting is non diluted and works fast in attracting bucks in the area. Buck lure for whitetail deer hunting enhances your chances of taking home that trophy buck.


STRONG NATURAL DOE PEE SCENT - Deer attractant has a powerful smell that bucks cannot resist. Works great with drippers, scent drags, and mock scrapes.


HIGHLY EFFECTIVE - Use this doe urine to alert bucks there are doe in the area and bring that prize buck you have been chasing in for the shot!! Our deer scent is certified CWD free.


EASY TO APPLY - Spray our buck lure for whitetail deer hunting around your hunting area for an immediate response from bucks in the area. They cannot resist the strong aroma of our deer lure.


TRUSTED BUCKMAXX QUALITY - High-quality products that the everyday hunter could afford. Countless hours have been spent in the field testing these products with proven success and it’s time to bring them to you to enjoy as well.

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