Sweet Beets

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 This Late summer blend contains

  • Beet seed (Annual)

 This Late summer blend contains

  • Beet seed (Annual)

Plant: July/August


Fall planting food plot with a maturity rate of approximately 88 days

Good late season food source with exceptional tonnage

Plant in an opening with a minimum of 4-6 hours sunlight daily for best results

A ph. greater than 6.2 the higher the ph. the better the yield

A very high germination rate in this blend.

Planting instructions: Apply Roundup to the area to be planted.  Have a soil test done to determine ph. level.  Wait 14 days then add calcium or magnesium lime to bring ph. up as needed.  Till in lime.  Broadcast seed and roll seed in.  Seed to soil-important not to bury seed for best results.

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Ounces 6.2 to 7.9
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